Massage Therapies

The benefits from massage are endless when administered by a trained professional on a regular basis. Massage can increase lymphatic drainage, reduce water retention, the appearance of celulite, tension and muscle pain as well as increase oxygen and blood flow throughout the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Approx 90-Minutes $135.00
The ultimate massage experience. Allow our smooth, heated lava stones to magically melt away your stress and muscle tension when various sized stones are placed on key pressure points on your body. The heated stones are gently glided over the body as our therapist uses them as an extension of their own hands. The heat, pressure and rhythmic massage allows you to achieve the deepest relaxation ever

L’Express Hot Stone Massage

Approx 60-Minutes $90.00
This massage combines our Hot Stone and our Full Body Massage. By using the hot stones during the full body massage you maximize the benefits from both massage types. A wonderful therapy to release Chi channels throughout the body to achieve a sense of harmony and overall balance.

L’Express Massage

Approx 30-Minutes $50.00
Traditional Swedish style massage combined with passive stretching, range of motion, and compression which provides a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A 30 minute session focuses on the back, neck and shoulders or it can be customized to suit your individual needs.

Couples Massage

Approx 60-Minutes $175.00, 90-Minutes $265.00 (pricing per couple)
Explore the benefits of full body massage by relaxing together in our Couples Massage Suite. Serenity and sensuality are combined to create a unique and memorable experience that you can share with that special someone.

Turn any two massages into a Couples Massage by having them performed in our “ Couples Suite” . Share your experience with someone special – Only $15 more per couple.

Full Body Massage

Approx 60-Minutes $80.00, 90-Minutes $125.00, 120-Minutes $155.00
Allow our talented massage therapist to help you work out tight knots, kinks and sore muscles while leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated during our most requested full body massage.

Maternity Massage

Approx 45-Minutes $95.00
Let us “baby” you with our relaxing Maternity Massage which is specifically designed to help relieve stress and tension caused by pregnancy. This gentle massage utilizes a specially designed table for added comfort, allowing your therapist to focus on relieving lower back discomfort and fatigue. (Please consult your physician to be sure this treatment is permitted.)

Deep Tissue Massage

Approx 60-Minutes $90.00, 90-Minutes $135.00
This full body massage not only promotes extreme relaxation and improves your general circulation, it has also been known to correct damaged, distressed and adherent muscles as well.

Ear Candeling

Approx 45-Minutes $65.00
A relaxing, non-invasive Ancient Folk treatment to naturally cleanse the ear while improving mental clarity, energy and a sense of well-being.


Aromatic pleasures are enhanced with your choice of various signature blends providing unique benefits and scents.