Waxing Treatments

Our Certified Skin Care Specialist are committed to helping you look and feel your best. Our waxing sessions are held in a completely private, comfortable, quiet, elegant atmosphere so you can relax while knowing that you are receiving the highest quality of services possible.

Bikini Sites

Specializing In – Brazilian Bikini From $55.00
Modest Bikini From $35.00

Eyebrow Sites

From $18.00

Other Sites

Nose and Ears From $20.00 each

Upper Lip Sites

From $15.00

Cheeks – Chin Sites

From $15.00 each

Arm Sites

Full Arm From $65.00 Half Arm From $35.00

Underarm Sites

From $25.00

Leg Sites

Full Leg From $75.00 Half Leg From $40.00

Upper Body Sites

Back and Chest From $70.00 each